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Quantum Packaging Nigeria Limited

We Protect Your Brand
Inside and Out

More than just a box, our corrugated boxes pack, protect, and serve your brand. With an all-in-house production, we ensure the highest standards of quality and the fastest delivery times.

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Quantum Plastic Nigeria Limited

Quality Plastic Solutions,
Engineered for Success

Engineering a Sustainable Future: Unleash the Power of Plastic Innovation. Quality Products, Eco-friendly Solutions. Partner with Us for a Greener Tomorrow.

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Quantum Steel Nigeria Limited

The Might Of Steel

From the bottom to the top, made with true and pure steel, you can ensure your buildings are nothing short of mighty.

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Quantum Consumer Products Nigeria Limited

Embrace Quality and Innovation
with Our Consumer Products

Transforming Ordinary into Extraordinary: Discover Our Exceptional Consumer Products. Elevate Your Everyday Experience. Quality and Innovation Redefined.

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Quantum Packaging Nigeria Limited

Quantum Packaging Nigeria Limited is one of the leading paper packaging manufacturers in Nigeria. We are dedicated to providing excellence in paper packaging products and meeting your most challenging customer sales

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Quantum Plastic Nigeria Limited

Quantum Plastic Nigeria Ltd is a state-of-the-art plant with European machines along with passionate and highly skilled employees which ensures that we provide you with the best products.

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About Quantum GROUP


In the 2008, Nigeria went through an industrial revolution demanding entrepreneurs to step up and join the nation’s economic growth. This ripe period for industries proved to be conducive for the growth of Quantum.

Quantum first ventured into manufacturing in 2008 with plastic and steel and further in 2014 we expanded into paper packaging. We have generated over 2000 employment opportunities. The group manufactures –

  • Flexible packaging film, shrink film, shopping bags, HDPE and PP ropes
  • TMT rods, square rods, wire rods, nails, BRC mesh, binding wire SM Pipes and SM HR Strips
  • Corrugated boxes, Mono Cartons and Labels
  • Tooth Brushes and Agro Sprayers

Our Customers

Providing for Nigeria’s needs for many years has allowed us to gain the support of some truly wonderful customers.

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