Corrugation Machinery

corrugated cartons manufactures in nigeria

Our corrugated boards are manufactured out of the highest grade of corrugators. We have two BHS Steady Lines, imported from Germany known for their speed, quality and reliability. Both of them together can run at a staggering speed of 460 meters per minute. Their superior technology enables us to incur minimal wastage of less than 5% which benefits everybody. Our machines can make both 3-ply and 5-ply boards, which are normally required in Nigeria. Totally, this mammoth of a duo can transform 9000 metric tons of paper into crisp corrugated boards every month. This is probably the largest board manufacturing facility in West Africa.

corrugated cartons manufactures in nigeria

These boards are a dream for our six printing and converting lines from EMBA and Dongfang Precision. These converters are the best in the industry and together can make almost 1,500 boxes per minute. Now that’s speed! And to not allow this speed to get compromised, we have installed the best strapping machines in the world from MOSCA and TransPak, the best pre-feeders from WSA and Godswill, so that our teams can seamlessly process the boards into strapped bundles of your cartons.

corrugated cartons manufactures in nigeria

Ranging from regular slotted boxes and die-cut slotted boxes to trays and partitions, We have the capacity to make 1 million boxes per day, helping us cover your needs effortlessly. With our precision printing and high-speed and quality processes, we are not only the largest but also the best corrugated box manufacturing facility in Nigeria.

Mono Cartons Machinery

Quantum Packaging are proud owners of the most advanced offset printing technology in Nigeria. Our printing machines are the top of the line Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 and the Heidelberg Speedmaster 74, which together can produce 400 sheets per minute. We can offer printing options in both conventional and UV ink with a double coating option. When it comes to sheet-fed offset printing, no one does it better than us.

Our printed sheets can be converted into many products, like primary packaging cartons, tissue boxes, inner cartons, and backer cards. With such variety and top quality printing, we can convert almost 900 metric tons of FBB & Duplex boards into 5 Million printed sheets and 60 Million cartons.

rapida mono cartons manufactures in nigeria

Label Printing Machinery

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The business is new, but the people and values are the same. This business segment is the youngest vertical under the entire Packaging umbrella, and it consists of a power-packed team that knows exactly what a label signifies to our customer. A label is an identity of a customer’s product and brand. Take the label out of the product, and it would be a lost item in a supermarket. That’s what a label means to us at Quantum. Identity!

We are the first in Nigeria to bring in a Brazilian-made label printing machine called the Etirama SPS2. It prints up to 150 metres per minute, and can print up to 6 colours. It prints over Semi-Gloss paper, PP & PE Film, Metallised Paper and Film along with customisation options like BOPP Lamination, UV Varnishing, Foil Embossing.

This machinery allows us to give you high standard labels at a much very affordable price. Not only are we a process-driven factory, we also adhere to the highest level of food safety standards and are accredited with the highly coveted ISO 22000:2018 certification. With these laurels and our expertise, we are the prime choice for label printing in Nigeria.